Name and surname of the participant:Iva Stojanovska Jakimovski, school psychologist, employed in SEPUGS Vasil Antevski Dren, Skopje

Place and period: Santa Coloma, Barcelona, period from 21 to 26 March 2017

Sending organization:Volunteer Center Skopje

Host organization:Mundus, Spain

The training course included the methods used in non formal education and how they can be used in everyday formal education. Most of the participants were teachers from different countries, but there were also representatives of nongovernmental organizations in order to make contact between the participants who would later be developed into cooperation.
The training course was interactive, dynamic, practical and very useful, especially for me as a teacher who daily encounters this issue.
The objectives of the project, exchange of experiences from different education systems, exchange of good practice, making contacts among participants for further projects, creating space for cooperation of NGOs and schools, and gaining more knowledge forusingno formal methods were fully achieved.
They were processed and ERASMUS + applications, the organizers gave practical examples and useful tips on applying for projects and fill the corresponding application.
The group activities enabled all participants to participate actively through the training course, to exchange experiences and best practices of their organizations, to learn more about the program and find ways for applying for projects. Quite significant was that all activities were carried out through the method of learning by doing, which increased the activity and involvement of each participant.
The visit of the high school in Santa Coloma and the opportunity to see how the different educational system works, stands out as the most important part of the training course for me. During the visit I had the opportunity to talk to the teaching staff, to get an insight into their way of working. I talk to the students also and I got a picture of their challenges, desires and limitations.
Participation in this training course enabled me to meet people from different organizations that I think would be a great opportunity for cooperation and realization of future projects in my organization.

Iva Stojanovska Jakimovski

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