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Me and my fellow volunteer had the pleasure of visiting the town of Kavadarci recently. We were welcomed by our partner organizations “Info Sega“and „Kreaktiv“. Firstly guys from „Info Sega“ showed us around their cosy town, told us a bit of history, stories about festivals and buildings in the park, like Kosturnica, that was build after war and which consists the bones of the dead ones. Interesting, isn‘t? They also told us all about their activities in the town, with high school children, how they‘re trying to create an active and positive community and motivate kids to participate in the projects.

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We were invited to join „Kreaktiv“ team for one day too.We met our comrads EVS volunteers and it was the first time since I‘m in Macedonian, that we garbed the chance to meet others and share our experiences, activities and ideas. I instantly felt amazed and energized when I walked into their office. The place has two floors, all the walls are decorated by the choosing of the volunteers, to make better atmosphere, to spread positive vibes. Music is always pulsing in the hallways of the building, people are playing, having conversations and good time.And later on we were even more surprised with Estonian Evening that they had in the office. We were so lucky to participate amoung all others that came.


Two Estonian volunteers (one came just few days before the event) organized the snacks, quiz and games. In the course of the evening we had to dig up and find out all kids of facts about Estonia in order the get the snacks (like chocolate, sandwiches with fish, condansated milk and etc.). They made us work for it! And we had so much fun doing it, learning new places to visit in Estonia, famous people of the country, history, some basic Estonian words, connecting with people.

By Laura Babaityte

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