Мountain Biking

Bike-3_Uli-Stanciu-660x420Mountain biking or MTB is ideal sport for both nature lovers and recreation, and for those who are fans of extreme sports and who strive to bring the highest level of adrenaline.

This type of cycling dates back to the beginnings of the 18th century when they noticed the first signs to officially appear as a sport in the second half of the last century.

Typical for this type of cycling is that it mostly driving on unpaved paths, from flat areas so extreme downhill mountain. For this purpose they used bikes that are specially adapted for this type of sport and special equipment tailored to ensure maximum security.

There are several categories in mountain biking but here we will focus on cross country, enduro and downhill. Cross country is driving from point to point routes with uphill and downhill and they often ride in a circle on a limited field. Unlike cross country in enduro cycling paths are much longer and more extreme with much steeper uphill and downhill, sometimes on inaccessible terrain and sometimes need a whole day to beat the whole path, not always reach the finish point without assistance or help. And of course the most extreme category is downhill. Riders to the starting point usually arrive by car or other transport there and through steep inclines sometimes too steep to arrive at the goal. In all three categories is crucial physical and psychological readiness of the cyclist and great experience but starters are not left out of this kind of sport. Proof of which made a brief interview with RadislavKocovski experienced mountain biker and here are his views:

-Tell us something about you, what is your experience in sports?

-Sport for me represents a living culture which I think everyone should choose as a lifestyle.


-What you motivated or inspired to choose mountain biking as a sport?

-Freedom of movement and adrenaline.


-How long do you practice this kind of sport? What are your experiences?

-This sport is practiced 10 years and my experiences have been positive.


-Do you think this kind of sport is underrepresented in our region?

-I think it is, but there is still quite a potential to develop.


-What is needed for this sport? Can anyone practice or requires special skills and abilities?

-This sport depending on driving style normally requires special skills developed psychical and fitness. Over time each person develop these skills.


-Finally, can you give us some advice, proposals, suggestions, especially for young people to gain more interest in mountain biking?

-It recommends you try it once with an experienced driver, to see beautiful scenery in nature and I think that will instantly love this kind of sport and sports association.

So by the facts and the opinion of athlete we can conclude that sport is an excellent choice for everyone, whether a beginner or an advanced athlete, with a little patience and practice anyone can achieve their desired level. So if we find ourselves in the aforementioned do not hesitate spring recently begun, and therefore the highlands represent a great challenge for new adventures and experiences.


Milan Gjapikj


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