On the 27th of April 2017, in the Café bar” Ljubov”, Volunteers Centre Skopje together with its EVS volunteers organized the event Language Café. On this event took part 9 EVS volunteers from 6 European countries: France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Germany, Italy and Turkey.

Add to that there was the opportunity to talk to Spanish people and to improve or to develop Spanish skills.

Every visitor of the event had the opportunity to talk with them on their native language as well as learn some basic phrases from their chosen language that are often used in the daily life.

The aim of the event was in non-formal environment the visitors to speak the language they know, more or less, or they love to know, to learn more about the experience of the International volunteers as well as their culture and traditions. Moreover, the visitors had the opportunity to learn about the benefits that are offered with the European Volunteers Service and Erasmus+ program of the European Union.


Till the next Language Café we leave you with the atmosphere from this Second  Language Café in 2017. After the event their were a lot of nice comments for this action which shows that the language coffee gets attention in the ears of young people and VCS is ready for the next. For you, dear reader, some examples:

“New friendships with friends from different European countries, together with the drink or the coffee”-local visitor.

“There is no doubt about that this a great opportunity for young people to get in contact with different people from different countries. I met a lot of people who are interest to learn the German language. Also I met a lot of nice people and got a lot of interesting stories about their countries and their language. So sum up if you have the opportunity to join the language coffee use this opportunity. There are ideas to do the next language coffee on the 31st of Mai. So see you there!”, Dominik, a German volunteer.

Till the next Language Café we leave you with the atmosphere of the Language Café in April . But there will be a next. For sure…

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