Quiche Lorraine


The Quiche Lorraine is a tarte come from the Alsace/Lorraine region in North East of France, old French traditional dish easy to do and like by everyone, the quiche is the safe bet.

Poor man’s dish at the begging of is existence, quick and easy for housewife when the village’s oven was on for the bread day. The old recipe change every seasons depending what is found in the garden and in the region.




3 Eggs

1 freshcream

200g cube of ham

75g gratedcheese



PastryIngredients :

125g Better

250g Flour

1 Yolk (optional)


First start by the pastry :

  • Mix the slack Better and the flourwith the saltpinch and the yolk (optional)
  • Spread the pastry on the bakingpaper in the cake mould



Second make the mix :

– Beat eggs, cream the salt and pepper


Final step :

  • Dispersedcube’sham and the gratedcheese on the base of the pastry
  • Pour the eggs and cream mix on it
  • Put the quiche in the over 40 minutes at 180°C and wait for gild



Autres Idées que le jambon :

  • Salmon and leeks
  • Zucchini and goatcheese
  • Tuna and tomato
  • Mushrooms


Laurene Duvert

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