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April 27th 2017 was historical day in Macedonia. Sadly, not because it was my birthday…on Thursday, 19.oo, in arena Jane Sandanski, there was held an important event. It was a handball match, which result would later give winners the right to go to final 4. Macedonia vs. Germany. Arena, that can fit around 5 thousand people was full. All macedonians, since our volunteer Dominik (Germany) didn‘t attend the game this time. By the kindness of the greatest mentor in EVS community, I had the opportunity to participate in this special event. So there was one lithuanian mixed in the bunch of enthusiastic fans. Vardar was, of course, the team of my choosing, because I think Macedonian is cool, no other reason.

I was to games before, but those were one of the most amazing fans I‘ve ever seen. Screaming, shouting, singing, playing, booing and so on. At some point I was even sad about German players, but then again, that‘s life. Sometimes you get your ass whooped, not only by the team, but by the fans as well.


It was a good game not only because of the vibes that I witnessed, the result as well. Both teams put the effort into it, Germans really tried to go to that final four, but Macedonia wanted it more, they had the over-poise the whole game and finished with 35:27. Macedonia for the first time is in THE 4. Germans were miserable, Macedonian fans was happy, history was made. Whoohoo! Vardare Varedare ale ale !!!

Laura Babaitytė

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