Winter is coming!

Baikal lake

At the beginning of this article I must warn you, my life started in a very cold place in the world. Maybe you imagine in your had penguins and iceberg in Antarctica?  No, you are not right and you are so far from the truth. I can torture you with a riddle as much as I want, but it will be so boring for all my readers. Let me begin my story about crazy Siberian and Far East wilderness!Winter in Yakutia

Russia is the most largest country in the world and I was born there.  I will not say to you about all official information about my government – you can find it on Wikipedia. Just one remarks will be enough – we have more than 180 ethnicities with different types of beauty (appearance, look, face, skin colors). Siberian and Far East part of Russia stay in Asian continent and from the historical time till now this territories local residence was Asians. Climatic conditions there so cold and we have in some regions permafrost.

Oymyakon - pole of cold

All people every time ask me: “How you can live in this place?”. Answer is very easy. For us it is normal and we just know how to survive when we have -50 degree. But in all regions have different maximum of the temperature. If you standing in Arctic part of Russia, it will be really not so comfortable, because on the winter you will have polar night –  sun is going down for almost one month. But in the southern part is usual for having just short and warm (-30 degree) winter for five months. Nature in Siberia and Far East really so multi-dimensional: from Taiga to desert.

Ivolginsky Datsan

In whole Russia we have 22 republics, it supposed to be really huge article about all of them, but I just want to introduce most interesting places in Asian region: Yakut Republic and Buryat Republic. Every republic have they own Constitution and government symbols – flag and coat of arms. Plus for all of this – second official national language on an equal footing with Russian language. A lot of people has a great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers who was exile from current Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Poland and Germany. Unfortunately Joseph Stalin was part of our history… But let’s back to our republics!

Traditional Yakut people clothes

Yakut Republic is famous because here is located pole of cold – Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon, where once was -67,8 degree and -77,8 degree respectively. Not all people are ready to visit capital of republic Yakutsk city in winter. Maybe it is not most coldest place in the world but still is not warm (-50 degree). Yakut people have interesting story of progress in language and ethnography. Big part of work was made in the end of XIX and at the begging of XX century by exile intellectuals from the Western Part of Russian Empire. And one of the most famous was Polish exile Edward Pekarski. He made Yakut fundamental dictionary of Yakut language. After this was formed Yakut literature, official script (or writing?) and intellectual development of uneducated man and women. After more than one hundred years we can say – this is the one of the most progressive region in country and have a lot of success in the world.

Buuz - traditional Buryat people food

Buryat Republik is popular touristic place. A lot of travelers come to Ulan-Ude from all around the world and try to feel authentic life of Buryat people. Here is located most visited Buddhist Temple in Russia – it is called Ivolginsky Datsan. In the city centre you can see biggest statue of Lenin’s head. Buryat traditional cuisine is really so large variety of meals – best of them is “buuz”. This is a steamed dumpling filled with meat. Every person who ate it fell in love with this dishes and try to prepare at the home. And the end I want to say why people are choosing this place for spending time. In this republic is located Baikal lake – largest freshwater lake by volume and most deepest in the world (unofficial name is Siberian Sea). You can come here at the summer or winter – view still will be so beautiful! Welcome to Siberia and Far East!


Aisen Bragin

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