Training course: Healthy relationships and domestic abuse

image-0-02-04-afff83dc38d5fd08e179499d3359240a88ef7d8bf301fe05cbe7fec871e2c239-VIn terms of Erasmus+ program, last month from 12th until 18th June in Podgorica, Montenegro was held a training course in which Oliver Andreevski and Andrej Naumovski took part as representatives of Volunteer Center Skopje. The sessions held on the training course tackled the challenges that occur to people who are in relationships (friendly, intimate etc.) facing different forms of abuse. Later on we discussed forms of abuse, how to recognize the abuse from outside, how to react to recognized abuse as an outsider and how to prevent it.


            On the training course participated two youth workers from Ireland, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Estonia, Greece and Albania, and each one of them shared their insight on the topic. The sessions were fruitful, everyone shared their stands and thoughts, as well as statistics and researches from the partner countries involved in the project. During the project, we discussed the upcoming youth exchanges which will be implemented in Limerick, Ireland. On these exchanges the accent will be put on the topic of abuse in social media and young people will be the target group. In terms of the youth exchanges, an attempt will be made to raise awareness between young people about the risk of sharing private and intimate information in written or visual form, and how can they be misused on the internet, especially on the social media. The final result is estimated to create an effective tool for non-formal education for young people about the abuse in social media and internet in general.


            Apart from the topic of the project, the youth exchanges were widely discussed on the training course. We tackled draft agenda and obligations of youth workers and organisations – partners that follow afterwards, we also went through presentation on organizations and their contribution to the project as a topic of the first session.

Oliver Andreevski

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