UEFA Super Cup 2017


Football… One of the most important things in the life of men…Lately, women as well. Although, maybe somebody will ask how somebody can watch 22 millioners chasing a ball on a green field for almost 2 hours, I will simply say: It’s kind of magic! Some things in life you cannot reason, you either like it, or you don’t! For me, football is a religion…

Skopje is hosting the UEFA Super cup this year on the Telekom Arena. Probably is the biggest event that we ever hosted. Having a match between the European giants Manchester United and Real Madrid in the middle of the city park is a dream come true for many people in Macedonia…I think that a lot of fans of the both clubs in Macedonia did not even dream about this possibility, that in their life time they will go to match of their favorite club. Another proof that dreams actually come true, so never stop dreaming my friends…


These days, Skopje will be also a host to many fans on Manchester United and Real Madrid. The city is already covered in the colors of the both teams; everything is ready for the fun to begin. You can really feel the excitement among the people, in and around the set fun zones.

Just a short explanation to the people that are not fans of football: Football match dos not last only for 2 hours; it lasts for few days, before and after. The joy that a football match brings can be felt in the days before the match, when you are betting and discussing with your friends who will win or what will be the exact result…The joy is also few days after the match, when you discuss with your friends who guessed the winner and the result and always hoping for better match next time… Like I said, football is kind of magic!!!

By Gjoko Vukanovski

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