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A lot of people in the world didn’t know anything about volunteer job. But everything is changed. Now youth have more information from social media and opportunities for work and travelling in different country. One of the Erasmus+ program it name is European Volunteer Service (EVS) allows us for going abroad for a few months as a volunteer. I meet with a former EVS volunteer Kristijan Stankovski from Macedonia, who was in Romania for 7 months. We talk about pluses and minuses of volunteering and his own experience in Arad. I hope this interview will help to insecure candidates make a right decision.


Hello, Kristijan. Let’s start our dialogue from easy question. Who say to you about EVS project and how did you find sending organization in Macedonia?

– Hi! My very good friend say to me about this project. I met her on the camp, where I’m working every summer, in Greece. She knew that I don’t want to stay in Macedonia. And after the camp she called me and asked me: “Do you want to go in Romania to do EVS there!?” My answer was very short: “Yes of course, anywhere just not to stay here”. I didn’t know anything. But after she explained me everything, because she was in Portugal for short term EVS.

Did you afraid before you came to the VCS office? Maybe you thought it is bad idea to go there or maybe you was so shy?

– To be honest I didn’t has any afraid, but for sure I was sceptic. But that is natural for me. Wherever I’m going, before departure I’m always sceptic to go or not. I’m thinking always, what if I will do there, it will be good or not, who will be there and stuffs like this. A lot of thoughts attack my mind and I’m always confused. But however my motto is: I can accept failure, everyone fails at something but I can’t accept not trying. So I said I’m going at least to try.


And why did you choose Romania?

– It wasn’t lot of options to make choices where to go. It was just one option Romania, Arad long EVS term for 7 months. I went in Arad 8 of November and my project finished at 5 of June. First when my friend said to me Romania, I thought Bucharest but after I notice that we are talking about other city named Arad. But if in need to choose again between this two cities, I will choose Arad again, again and again!

What is the pluses and minuses about the long-term EVS project?

– Pluses? You know when someone give you everything what you need to live, in city outside from your country with a lot of new different people and different cultures? So I called that jackpot! It’s amazing experience, you can meet different kind of people and you will became very good friends with some of them, that is real treasure. Also u will see and learn a lot of new things, maybe weird for your society, but that’s how the other people live outside from your country. So I can’t say that I had minuses. Maybe your family is not here with you, but you have a lot of ways and social networks to see them.


But wait. How did your family react about your volunteer work in different country?

– My family knows me very well. So from the beginning when I said that I will go for 7 months in Romania, maybe they needed a few days to understand that and after everything was okay…

… So your girlfriend was angry to you and want go with you?

– I didn’t had girlfriend that time so I was young wild and free to go somewhere and enjoy in my time. Even if I had girlfriend, why I needed to invite here to come in Romania? Is like, you are in the ocean with a lot of different fishes and you need to take fish from the river with you. No sense (very loud laugh – author)


Did you has a post-EVS depress? Who help to you for back to normal life?

– The most difficult question until now. Yes I have and I’m still in that depression mode. But that is normal for every volunteer who was on long term EVS. Imagine you have everything for free, a lot of friends, parties, dinners, living alone in flat with people from different parts of Europe and  after come back to reality. Memories will kill you for sure! I put tattoo with coordinates of Arad, so you can imagine how much I miss that place. And still no one helped me to back in normal life, need time to pass probably…

Do you make some volunteer work in Macedonia?

– Unfortunately no, I don’t know nothing about that. Uhh…Really I don’t know nothing about the volunteering here. For me Macedonia is very good country to be volunteer and here is a lot of things for what can you volunteering, so my advice for foreign people is to come, don’t think twice!

What did you plan to do now?

– Probably I need to look for some job, but still I want to travel around the world, to discover new places, meet new people, new cultures, because when I’ll be old I will not have time, energy to do that. And yes, I’m looking to go somewhere as volunteer again abroad, that’s will be the best option at the moment for me, maybe on that way I will forget Arad a little bit.


Maybe you want to use different Erasmus+ program, for example you can go abroad for one semester as exchange student?

– I finished agriculture faculty so probably I don’t have chance to go abroad and do Erasmus+ one semester. Also I don’t know if I want to go on Erasmus+ program. Maybe is good maybe not, who knows. But I don’t prefer. However you need to try everything in your life.

I’m your friend. I don’t know anything about EVS/volunteering and I don’t want to listen very long stories about this project and how you can interested me for being volunteer? Please try to change my mind in 3-4 sentences.
– Okay. I will give you some reasons: living abroad alone being independent, meet new people real treasure, meet new cultures, learn a lot of new things, different lifestyles, a lot of fun, travel around with not so much money, and maybe you will find the love of your life like my friend. What do you want more from this!? This is an amazing experience so whatever I said to you its just words, you need to feel it. Just make your life better!

Thank you very much for this interesting conversation!

– Thank you too!



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