Cathedrals, cathedrals everywhere!

Hey, have you ever tried traveling with your parents and siblings? I bet you did. Your significant other? Probably. And what about taking a journey with your grandparents? Hmm..? Not really?


Well, I did. I traveled with all of them. At the same time. In one mini-van, going to Czech Republic.

We’re quite close within our family, I love my grandparents, grandma is one of my idols, but the trip was a bit of a challenge. When you’re in the car with 6 other people, no matter how much you love them, it still gets steamy.

But the trip was an amazing experience. Everyone had their own different pace, their own interests. So it was women (my mom and grandma), men (dad and grandpa) and the younger generation (me, brother and my friend). Men didn’t really want to walk too much, they were more into talking about the structure of the city then actually exploring it. Women were amazed by the beauty of architecture. And us, the youngsters, were more into entertainments of the city, like flying with hot air balloon over Prague, checking all the attractions, talking and taking pictures with locals. So we had that good dynamic in our group.


We visited Prague in the end of September, still really warm, plenty of people, although not overcrowded and the prices were quite cheap. It’s still one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen, we enjoyed all the mesmerizing cathedrals, dozens of bridges, charming red roof tops, incredible food and tasty beer. Then we went a bit out of the capital to take a glims of the nature Czech Republic have and it‘s captivating. We traveled to Karlstejn to see the castle, which is on the hill surrounded by forests and valleys.


So, the trip was not the easiest: different needs, ways of seeing the world, different pace, but it all was worth it. I think everyone should try traveling with their family not only when their kids, but to bond over those kind of thing when you are already a grown up person. It makes the connection stronger.:)


Laura Babaitytė

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