Language Cafe Vol. 4 – Oct 10th

People from different nationalities and countries participate in the latest edition of our Language Café. It is an event created by VCS where creative people set up tables with their flags and people are welcome to sit with them and learn about their countries. For me it was a great experience, I couldn’t help but smile walking into Café Bar Ljubov in Skopje center where this event was organized.


First thing I see is the French flag and one of my colleagues having a lighthearted conversation. Then I see the Polish, Russian and Chinese flags a few tables up. I proceed to set up my table and put up the South African flag. I taught the cute kind waitress some Afrikaans and more people later joined us. We had a long chat with an interesting couple, the man from Canada and the lady from Macedonia. I felt such unity and peace as it felt (in some small way) the world was coming together as one. Language Café is a great way to learn about other people’s cultures and languages. I cannot wait for the next one! Лубов!


Chris Maiken


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