In the last week in Skopje we had Russian Culture Days organized by the Embassy of Russian Federation in Republic of Macedonia and Rossotrudnichestvo. In our city we had two amazing concert with talented Russian artists. Entrance for all interested was free and both concerts were a full house of people.

On 25th of October we had a solemn ceremony dedicated to Russian Culture Day opening with a Russian Ambassador Oleg Scherbak and Macedonian Minister of culture Robert Alagezovski. After the official part all people had a chance to visit the exhibition named “Epoch of Grigorovich”. In the evening was a concert of The Pyatnitsky Russian Folk Chorus. The whole theater was full and some of the people didn’t even have a chair for sitting. But some of them went to the top floor, stayed there one and a half hours and enjoyed the amazing vibes. All the girl and boy artists made the whole Macedonian National Theater audience so happy with traditional Russian songs, music and dance. When the musicians started to play “Katyusha” and “Kalinka-Malinka” songs, everybody was screaming “BRAVO” and clapping during the whole song. This is the most popular traditional Russian sound in the world from XX century. On 26th of October we had a concert of soloist artists in the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. On this night we had Russian virtuoso of vocal Vasilisa Berzhanskaya, violin Olga Artyugina and violoncello Rustem Hamiddulinin collaboration with the local orchestra conducted by Bisera Chadlovska. This concert was great too. It was two nights of unstoppable claps. Cultural day joins all people together and because of that we forget about our politician position or private problems.

(Photo was taken from Facebook page of Embassy of Russian Federation in Republic of Macedonia).


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