Journey into a medium’s world

Sally Rossiter is a medium of whom I had the pleasure to speak to about her experience in spiritual practices. A medium is a person who can connect and communicate with the afterlife as well as spiritual guides and delivers the messages to those people of whom it was meant for.

sally 3

So speaking to Sally, she told me that when she first realized she had a gift, she also thought of it also as a curse. The reason for this is that when she was in her late teens, she started hearing voices in her head and she thought at the time that she might be going crazy, also she didn’t tell anyone because she was worried about what people would say. When she was around 22 she went to the United States and she saw a psychic who had told her that she was clairaudient (this is when someone has the gift of hearing psychic messages from spiritual beings). She says that she was so relieved to know that she wasn’t losing her mind. In order to harness her gift to fruition, she did some training but not in any of the psychic sciences, but rather in a different manner. She had become physically sick in her mid-20s and although she knew she had the gift of clairaudience, she did not work with it. She was working in the corporate industry at the time. There were no healing methods that we medically have now for her condition so she had to learn different healing modalities. She decided to learn reiki and it was mainly to work on herself. And through working on herself she started she started doing reiki on other people. It was through practicing reiki with others that she started getting messages for them. And when she got messages for them she would pass on the message to them. It got to the point that people did not go to her for reiki anymore but to receive messages from their spirit guides and people who had passed on. Sally mentions that her main psychic “strength” was clairaudience at first, but now she has developed all her psychic senses. She thinks it depends now on a daily basis that she will get messages from different senses how spirits will communicate with her such as clairvoyant (visual), or emotionally sensitive, or mentally sensitive, etc. It varies on the way the information is received. She helps people through channeling, reiki, energy healing, metaphysical counseling (to help people change their patterning) and also clearing away dark magic. People generally want guidance and want to know what the future holds, because people sometimes get to a place where they are confused or fearful, and what they look for is something that can help them out of that place and point them in the right direction. She also states that the best, or most ideal time, to see a psychic/medium is when you need to. It is important not to see a medium too often, because some can become dependant on channeling and communication with the other side. Sometimes one just has to live their life. Sally actually won’t channel for people too often. She will generally channel when someone is at a crossroad, or needs some direction, or feels they have been getting communication from the spirit realm and want to get some answers or clarity. Overall it is a very personal feeling as to why one would speak to a medium.

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I know in my experience, the first time I spoke to Sally I was in a very dark place in my life and nobody knew what to do to help me. So I went to see her, and she did a reiki healing on me – clearing blocked energy and things like that. It was amazing because I could actually feel the energy moving through me when she was busy with the healing. Later I went to see her for channeling and the messages I got from the other side was incredibly mindblowing. The reason I say this is because shortly before I went to see her for the channeling, I had a dream about the person who had died and he had told me something very specific in the dream. When I went for the channeling with her she told me exactly the message I had gotten in the dream a couple of weeks before, and this is not something I told anybody! Since then I have contacted her whenever I needed help with something that I couldn’t find another solution around, because it is not her, but the ones who she is connecting with that are helping. She is the medium.
So I am a believer. There is something after we die and there are spirit guides who help us in this life. We are never truly alone, even if at times it feels that way. It is important also to remember that. Everybody has their own opinion of such matters, but I know one thing for sure… and that is I don’t have all the answers and sometimes it takes something out of this world to guide us along.

Christopher Maiken

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