To reach my dream and became a fashion designer

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France has always been prestigious in fashion design. Indeed, Paris is famous for its spirit of freedom, boldness and creativity. This contributes to its international influence.This winter, fashion holds a spot in the French Institute of Skopje’s display with the exhibition ‘Throughout the artwork, study and creation’. This is the exhibition of creations, by young talents of the IzetCuri International Fashion Institute. It will be open until January 25, 2018. IzetCuri is an internationally renowned French Macedonian fashion designer and dressmaker. Based in Paris, he is specialized in luxury ready-to-wear and worked in High Fashion for Jean Paul Gaultier. Currently, he is also a teacher in the fashion field. This professional fashion designer was present at the opening of the exhibition, with one of his students, Ms. HanifeBilalli, who is 19 years old.
During the opening of the exhibition, a young and enthusiastic audience was present, and I was able to ask some questions to Ms. HanifeBilalli.

Why did you choose IzetCuri as a mentor to learn fashion designing?
The only reason I chose the schooling and training in the Art Institute created by Mr.IzetCuri is IzetCuri. He is the only famous person specialized in fashion in Macedonia and beyond this country. He did a lot for the evolution of fashion in our country.
Are you his partner or only student?
I’m a student.
How many students are you in this training?
Around 30 students.
What is your project in the future?
I want to reach my dream, that is to become a fashion designer, because I have always dreamed of doing this job. All my dreams are related to my career and I hope to reach them.
Would you like to work in collaboration with IzetCurilater ?
Yes, I would like to continue to cooperate with him. I would like to use his experience, to always learn more.
How is he as a pedagogue?
He is the best.
What did you do before being admitted in this fashion design training?
I have my diploma from high school, and that’s all. I never had any experience in this field before. This is my first one!
Describe your job in a few words?
I feel 100 % satisfied with fashion designing. When I wake up every morning, I’m sure, I know what I want to do, I’m full of energy. I feel super comfortable in what I do.
What do you think about Paris? Is this a promising city for a young artist like you?Paris is the city of glamor. Even more than I was thinking before going there. It’s a very inspiring city. Of course, my dream is to continue doing my job there. These are maybe just dreams… but we never know…
Do you think the evolution of New technologies has an impact on Fashion Designing?
Our job requires to always see in the future:visualization. We always have to be open-minded, learn new things and follow the rhythm. It’s thanks to inspiration that we can show something to our public.
Are there many women who practice in this area?
In my school, there is only one man…
Do you think that a modern woman has to be careful with her weight? Is it necessary to be well dressed?
Men desire lean women. And I think that all women take care of their body. Of course, it’s better for the outfit to be worn well.


Chloe Dumeusois


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