Finishing is Winning

To succeed requires certain steps one must take, and the time is now to start making a change. At the end of the day, one must do whatever it takes.

money-2724238_1920So it is definitely a good start to the new year and it feels like great things are happening. This is just an optimistic view of a pre-determined reality. There’s a certain saying I heard recently, and that is “Live as if failure is impossible”.

I have made a conscious effort for 2018 and that is to plan my work and work my plan. After a disappointing 2017 of only accomplishing one thing on my goal list, I have had to cut certain things from my life that have been slowing down my progress. It feels like it’s going off to a good start, but I cannot foresee the future and I don’t know what tomorrow holds, all I have control of is what I am doing right now. At this moment. The first thing I did was draft my goals for this year, before the new year started.

If you’ve heard of the law of attraction, they speak about manifesting what you desire and what you need to do in order to actualize your dreams and/or goals. The first step in getting what it is you desire is to ask. Ask the universe. Be specific about what it is you want. Instead of just saying “I want to be rich”, say “ I want to have [insert amount] in my possession by [insert date]”. Next step is to believe what you’ve asked for is on it’s way. Basically, just have faith. The third step is to receive – what this means is to move towards your desire physically. Take the action that gets you closer to your goal. When opportunities arise, act on them. It doesn’t all happen by sitting around all day watching television.

love-3077979_1920It is important not to become attached to one particular outcome. What this means is that your goal will not manifest in one particular way. This can make one be blinded by other possibilities because they think that it can only happen in one way. Change is required for things to manifest. Surrender to the flow of how the universe will guide you to your desire. One thing that I’ve started implementing is recently is the use of a vision board . This is a collage of images of which I stick on the wall that I look at everyday as a reminder to visualize what it is I desire. To keep the faith alive and a constant reminder what it is I intend to do and achieve.

Another important lesson I’ve learned so far is to fail, and to fail big! It is important to fail and to fail often so that you can get up again and never be defeated. Nothing that is worth going for is easy, if it was easy, then it wouldn’t be worth fighting for.  We as humans always want the quick fix, or the easy way out. We use every possible resource to make things easier for us, we don’t like to take the hard way, but this is something we have to do in order to get the great results. If we are afraid to fail, it means we are afraid to try, and if we don’t try, we stay stuck in our current reality. Change is absolutely essential for a shift in our reality to occur. If something does not challenge you, it does not change you, and you cannot grow.

youth-570881_1920In conclusion, nothing should stop you from achieving what it is you want in this life. The only thing stopping you is you. No dream is too big to achieve, just be sure that it is what you really want, and if you do what it takes, you will succeed. Also, do more research on the Law of Attraction and manifestation. What I do sometimes if I feel demotivated, I check on Youtube for videos that will motivate and inspire me to carry on. I’ll leave you with a quote from Napolean Hill – “Success requires no explanation, failure permits no alibis”.


Chris Maiken

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