VCS ON AIR : meeting City Radio

The Volunteers Center Skopje team had the honor to visit Skopje’s City Radio’ studio in Sportski Centar. Indeed, last week, on the 6th March 2018, six of our international volunteers were given a tour of the premises. Ivana Angjelovska, our volunteers’ supervisor, who organized the meeting, introduced the team to Dimitar Atanasovski,  host of ‘Kaji Da Vo Dva’. Dimitar guided its visitors around, introducing the volunteers to the various staff members of the City Radio, explaining their role, detailing the basic recording processes, from the control room to the recording studio through the console workstation. The VCS staff took the opportunity to describe their work and mission., before sharing their individual background with Dimitar. The former proceeded to tell his professional history and expose the intricacies of work at a radio station, talking about his schedule, the rhythm, the workload, his and his colleagues’ working style, the dos and the don’ts of managing a radio show.

Two of our international volunteers, Antoine and Ola, respectively from France and Poland, were then interviewed on air on Dimitar’ show. They had the opportunity to display their background and introduce some of the City Radio’s auditors with insight on life as a foreign volunteer and the experience of working abroad. Off air, Mr. Atanasovski compared the work of a radio host with the craft of voice actors. With that in mind he was generous enough to share some of his technique to improve breathing rhythm and voice resilience. Our team left with new insights on the workings of the first historical modern media, radio broadcast. Volunteers Center Skopje would like to heartily thank the City Radio for opening their doors, and is grateful to Dimitar Atanasovski for generously taking some of his time to provide our staff and volunteers with this remarkable opportunity.

Antoine Lomba


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