YE in Cyprus: TRIO


Every spot in this Earth has some small details that makes it unique in the Universe. So it is time to discover new small sweet places that make us happy. This time our boat took  us to one shiny island. This natural treasure is placed in the Mediterranean Sea, and in the map you can find this island named as Cyprus. Yes, you are not wrong this is the most famous island throughout all history. Nowadays, this island hosts Cypriots. Nation that mainly lives on the sea side. And you ask yourself from where comes the inner peace of this so calm and warm people? You have to visit this place and to feel the sea waves and bird sounds. If someone asks you to describe how these people look, the only word that you can use is: Cypriot. Their traditional life in small villages by the seaside has developed so kind and amazing humans. And as one friend of mine said: you cannot feel Cyprus in Nicosia; you have to visit these incredible small villages to feel what Cyprus is.

Love comes through the stomach. Is it true? Go to this lovely island and try from there paradise food. It is so hard to stay hungry in this place. There is food for everyone’s preferences. So many kind of food cooked so carefully and with so much love. Even if you are not addicted to degustation, you will become here! Architecture! What all these houses, buildings and walls say? They loudly speak for different periods in the history and human beings, their life and habits. British style – shows how people lived in this historical period. The stones are smooth and the colour is uniquely between yellow and brown. When you will notice houses which entrances have stairs it means that there lived one of the richest people many years ago. Today, those are not abandoned houses, not at all. These are witnesses speaking loudly for the period when they were inhabited by these lovely people. The TRIO doesn’t stop in the architectural styles but continues through three official languages, separated Nicosia on North and South is a wonderful space in between that you cannot describe with words. One of the most famous quotes from the older women here is: “Are u married?” and if you answer negatively they will make big effort to marry you with one person from Cyprus, so you will become Cypriot. Neither pictures nor words are enough to describe this wonderful island.


Vafire Muharemi

Andrej Naumovski

Photo: Andrej Naumovski

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