VCS as a part of WizzAir Skopski Marathon 2018

VCS spirit spreading in the WizzAir Marathon in Macedonia.

Volunteers Centre Skopje is continuing to contribute in the biggest events in Macedonia. VCS  team was part of the 14-th Wizz Air Skopski marathon with its locals and EVS volunteers supporting the runners. This year around 10 000 runners took place of the Wizz air Skopski Marathon from 58 countries. They were competing in marathon, semi-marathon, relay marathon and race from 5 km.

Whole event was supported by city of Skopje and Macedonian artists and singers.


This is our EVS volunteer’s impression:

“I really liked this activity. I think that sport and this kind of events are good way to group people. And that is what we experienced on Sunday! A lot of people were working together on the event: organisators, volunteers, participants, doctors, policeman… We could feel a really good atmosphere. About our job, I enjoyed doing it! Encouraging the brave runners, and help them in their challenge was interesting. Moreover, our team of volunteers was really nice and working all together.” – Chloé Dumeusois


It was my first this kind of experience and I’m glad that I took part. I just regret a bit that we were quite far from the city centre where was the finishing line. We have seen runners from many different countries, especially was nice to see someone from Poland and greeted him in Polish. We passed water and fruits to the runners and that’s was the best we could do to help them finish the race. I am still impressed that so many people, young and older ones participate in marathon. They showed that limits are only in our head and motivated me to go to gym more often.” – Paulina Gołębiowska

“I have always liked volunteering in sports events, but this was my first marathon to volunteer for. I really enjoyed the vibe of the run. When we would give the runners water they would often smile and it was very sweet. I even had one Hungarian runner telling me he loved me which was very lovely. All in all it was a great experience and I would do it again” – Ann Aro

We are looking forward for more events like this one!


Source of photgraphy: Skopski Marathon

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