RE-thinking LEADership

From 16th to 19th of April 2018, in Ljubljana, 13 participants from Turkey, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Macedonia and Portugal took part in the Training Course RE-thinking LEADership, funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and organized by the Institute for Youth Participation, Health and Sustainable Development from Slovenia. The representatives from Volunteers Center Skopje were Andrej Naumovski and Angela Rajchevska.
This 4-day program for ReLEAD coordinators worked on different issues through an interactive workshop-based format. We were part of a training where they learned to understand their own strengths and preferences through reflection and sharing. We opened the field of leadership, and learned how to take active role in real life situations. Working with others was a huge part of the process, where we used simulations and team-building activities in which we developed our skills to handle people and manage team issues. Understanding social change and building a compelling vision, introducing tools to think through problems were also discussed. During these topics, the participants enriched their knowledge in thinking analytically and creatively and realized that the future is a shared ideal.
This power-packed program, in which we looked inwards — at ourselves— as a source of power and energy to lead, was a revealing training course that we will never forget.

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Angela Rajchevska

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