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Volunteers Centre Skopje is not the only youth organization hosting EVS volunteers. Across Macedonia, various local NGOs enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of young international volunteers, who themselves command the mentorship, guidance and resources of their host organization.  Naturally, many of these NGOs are part of the Coalition SEGA network, of which VCS acts as its regional office. VCS places high regards in enhancing its ties with its national partners and offering the opportunity for volunteers to grow their network in Macedonia. Hence, on the 2nd of June, the office, thus, sent its Polish and French volunteers, Paulina and Antoine, to Prilep to visit VCS’ regional partners and meet their respective local and international volunteers.

Our two VOICES writers and EVS volunteers were warmly welcomed by Maja Stevanovska, mentor of EVS volunteers for INFO SEGA Prilep. The latter offered an introduction to the work of INFO SEGA, talked about past projects and the cooperation between the local Youth Council, Coalition SEGA and INFO SEGA, while guiding the volunteers through the city center. Once at the premises of their office, Paulina and Antoine were introduced to Paul and Velin, French and Bulgarian EVS volunteers at INFO SEGA. They also got to discuss with the staff members of Coalition SEGA and the Youth Council, about their mission, current project and past projects. Particularly, they were introduced to Pulse Radio, the Youth Council’s media project, which, at its height, had a staggering audience of a hundred listeners per second.

Our writers then took part in the daily task of the EVS volunteers. Antoine assisted one of Paul’s French language lesson, while Paulina helped Velin in preparing INFO SEGA’s language café that were to take place the coming evening. After taking lunch all together, the volunteers walked around together and exchanged about their backgrounds and their respective daily life in Macedonia, as Paul and Velin guided our volunteers around their flat. They then all joined Art Café to set up the finishing touch of the Language Café. The event was particularly successful, with a lot of young people attending, enjoying cultural conversations and fun games and activities, facilitated and prepared by the team of INFO SEGA.

Antoine Lomba

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