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Our VCS team was part of 2018 Dojran D Festival (06-08.07) where they had a chance to introduce Erasmus+ and our local projects like VOICES. It was great event to meet people not only from Skopje but also from other places in Macedonia and talk about the options they have to take part of Erasmus+.

Often it came up that people did not have enough information on how to apply or if they were eligible. One of the most often asked questions was how old do you have to be and if you need to be studying. The age varies from a project but the minimum is 13 and maximum 30. You don’t have to be enrolled in school unless you want to study abroad. Also it should be mentioned that there are many different projects under the Erasmus+ program. For example European Voluntary Service can be short ( …-3 months) or long term (9-12 months). Before deciding to do EVS one could also consider doing a trainings or youth exchanges which can give more of an overview how it is to work with different nationalities.

Our team had an opportunity not only introduce our own work but to see what other NGOs are doing. There were some very fun activities people could go treasure hunt and also make their own posters which was very popular and gave the festival a lot more colour. Every day there was an debate on various topics like drugs, inspiration, art etc.


Since World Cup is coming to an end and there are some very important games left to see the D festival had a big screen to watch the games. In the evening there were also Macedonian movies screened.

Talking about D festival we can not forget about the music. D festival had a wide range of artists from different genres and countries. Some of the names include Paul Van Dyk, Disciples, Arhangle, Pussy Riot, Fink, Duke B, Conquering Lion, Sevdaliza, Koala Voice and many other artists. The concerts were held on 3 stages around Dojran.

All in all, The festival was great and the weather was mostly sunny. The vibe of the festival was very nice with people camping in tents. It was very nice to have  a lake right next to the camp so people had the chance to escape from the hot weather. If you didn’t manage to go to D festival this year our team recommends checking it out next year.

Ann Aro

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