DRIMON Festival 2018 – Culture Now!

37888958_2201659486515967_6958134370011971584_nTwo days of DrimOn Festival are already behind us. Citizens of Struga, as well as guests have a chance to participate in various cultural activities which main goal is raise awareness about culture as a very important sphere in our communities. Its something that should connect people and help them understand each other.

37869181_2201683423180240_8426623176443691008_n.jpgMe and Ann, together with many local volunteers assist to organizers in order to prepare space for debates, materials or provide information about supporters and sponsors of festival. Number of volunteers is really high this year;most of them are very young (up to 18) and its nice to see that youngsters are so active and willing to contribute to festivals in their hometown.

Yesterday the highest frequency was on theater show and during concerts. For me the bands are rather unknown but Macedonian people should know some of them, e.g Ensh, Sergio Lounge. During our free time we went for a walk around Struga and beautiful Ohrid lake. Its very vibrant and lively city. We noticed many tourist, even on our camp we met group of travelers from Poland. It only makes me sure that Polish people are everywhere.

Well, two more days ahead of us, we are looking forward on whats gonna happen. If you think about visiting Ohrid lake this weekend, drop by to Struga and check Drimon on your own.37921865_2201663679848881_6807844998944391168_n.jpg

Paulina Golebiowska


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