…on your face, like the ones
Santa Claus has, or the ones
My granddad had before
He turned 88.

Or shall I try to describe them
With something more beautiful;
Those mustaches on your face
Are so beautiful.

You tried that coffee this
Morning, around 8; macchiato
With a cream on it’s top
And swallowed a bit.

Than you licked your upper
Lip, with a sip. That’s so
Pretty since your lip was
With cherry lipstick.

You are a pretty girl on 28
Unlike my granddad who
Was 88. You licked them
-those mustaches…

…on your face so fresh;
On your face full of grace.
Not the mustaches, but your
Lips I kissed…

…before I went to sleep
Last night. And I missed
Them till this morning
To see them again.

Igor Pop Trajkov for the Julius Meinl poetry day

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