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Witch, this word does not sound familiar. It brings to mind an ugly old woman with a sinuous nose, greasy black long hair burning at the stake. Now let’s abandon our imagination and go back to reality. “Witch” was usually defined as women who dealt with herbal medicine (phytotherapy) – treatment of diseases by means of natural plant materials or herbal preparations prepared from them (Dictionary of the Polish language definition). Despite the fact that herbs were still used in the times of primitive people, and the knowledge of their healing and poisonous properties was passed down from generation to generation, many people still think that it is “black magic”.


Often the drugs used in pharmacology are based on herbs. Modern scientists openly talk about the effectiveness of herbs and encourage supporting organism with natural ingredients. The best results can be obtained with regular treatments. However, you must remember to consult a specialist and a doctor, because improperly selected herbs can cause great damage. With the right selection and regularity, they can do “miracles”! Personally, I know a man, who was preparing for surgery for kidney stones, I told him, “Hey, I have a good mix of herbs for it, drink as often as if your life depended on it”. After about a week, he called me from the hospital and told me, that the operation was canceled because the stones disappeared. Honestly, I was surprised because I was just beginning my adventure with alternative medicine; this situation motivated me to go deeper into the subject.


Herbs are used properly in every area of medicine, from skin inflammations, through migraines, and even in the treatment of depression. The latter is a disease that more and more people suffer from; its treatment should be selected individually for the patient. If it is not so advanced that you need to use pharmacological treatment, in addition to psychotherapy, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, you can reach for natural remedies. They are divided according to the symptoms of depression and are distinguished by the specificities that improve the mood; calming and reducing anxiety; and those for insomnia. They are available in loose form, tea and tablets. Some of them interact with other substances, so once again it is worth to stress how important it is to consult a doctor. Natural medicine is not only herbs; let’s remember the general principles of healthy eating. A lot of vegetables and fruits, little sugar and products are containing preservatives. Nowadays organic products are becoming more and more popular and available at affordable prices. When shopping in the store, pay attention to the product label. Does not look too friendly? Probably nearby is a healthier replacement. All you need to do is take the time to familiarize yourself with the basics, and after a while everything will get into your habit. Remember, you are what you eat, so it’s up to you who you stay!

Dorota Łyczak


Zioła i czarownice, czyli krótka historia zielarstwa

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