Hello, this is weekend – Dina’s experience

Together with my friend we went to explore the city of Skopje. We walked through the Old Bazaar. There are nice restaurants with terraces for a drink or something to eat.

Then we went to the fortress and we climbed on rocks to have beautiful locations for our photos.

People in Macedonia are so open, at the fortress we met a young person, who wanted to take a picture of us and helped us get rid of the rocks.

We also went shopping, things are cheap here, 999 MKD is 16 Euros. So you can go shopping here a lot. The shopping center is open on Sunday until 5 p.m., but we didn’t know that and we didn’t hurry in the clothing room. Anyway, I managed to buy some cool stuff.

Then we went to the nature and it was a nice place to sit together, we saw there a lot of couples. We walked near Vardar river, it is nice to sit there. I love the nature here.

Dina Cox

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