Experience in Ankara

Hi guys! It’s me, Tamara from Macedonia!

It’s been already two months for me in Turkey. How time flies. The previous time that I wrote you, I had just arrived in Ankara with all the first impressions and expectations from it. And now we’ve come to the end of my EVS! To be honest, I want more. I want to stay more, to experience more, to travel, to hang out, to work and to enjoy it more.


I think it is always hard to say goodbye. It’s a thing that we human beings also have in common. All of us. It’s something that make us sad, anxious, scared and worried for what is coming in future. Especially for me. It is making me sad to know the fact that I need to leave, that I won’t be able to see all the faces and things that I got used to. Things and people that I got connected to, that I’ve put my mind and soul, and that I started to like. But, on the other hand I know that it is something that I need to do for myself. We must leave and change places and meet new faces in order to grow. We need to go and dive deeper, to experience new opportunities, to face new challenges. And also to leave space for the next ones that are coming. I hope that it will be somebody of you that are right now reading my article. Trust me you won’t regret!


Ankara is a city that you can easily adapt to. Unless it was for me. It is enough crowded, not too much and not too little. A city with lots of places to go to eat, to drink, have some party as a youngster. It’s easily approachable to every spot and living with other people it will never be boring which is something that I really appreciate. It makes you more mature, more conscious and respectable to other people’s privacy and needs. To get to know and to live with a stranger in the beginning and then you become one of the closest friends that you meet in your life, because you become like a family to each other. And until you are here those are the people that you rely on, they help you overcome the obstacles that you might face, you share good and bad moments, meals and stories. And I’ve met some amazing people during my two months EVS. All with different backgrounds, culture, characters. I am truly thankful for it, because it made me more broad minded and amiable.

In regards of S&G and the activities with my Nesilfest project participation I can say that I really enjoyed as well spending my time in here. It made it more productive and I’ve got to experience many activities that somehow I hope will be of use to me in future. During my two months I was going in the Saray center and Cafe Down for people with disabilities, Margherita’s house – this amazing lady that works with the UNCHR and is preparing food and clothes for the refugees that are for short or long period of time in Ankara as well in the Turkish-American kindergarten.


Every Tuesday I was also going to Turkish classes with Batuhan, which also helped me a lot in the communication in daily life with the local society. Wednesdays and Saturdays was the time that we as volunteers we were doing the English conversation clubs. Lastly my activity with the ATO Ankara’s Chamber of Commerce. Since there was an International Summit and I always wanted to see how public relations, marketing and management works in Turkey, I got a great opportunity to help them with the preparation of it and the social media posts in English. Other than this ones I was also going in the office once or twice per peek and was writing, helping with some papers or just doing some random office stuff.

And if there is something even better than all of this mentioned above when you go abroad and live in another country is the travelling part. I was able to visit Cappadocia, to learn about the history, to see the breathtaking valleys and churches from many centuries ago, to visit an underground city and to see some of the balloons in the morning. In Ankara we’ve also visited most of the parks, where sometimes we were going on picnics or to take a ride in the Luna park, then some exhibitions, night bazaars, museums and Anitkabir – the most famous and appreciated monument for all the Turkish people. A reminder of the father of the modern Turkish Republic, with his mausoleum where thousands of people come every day to show respect and love to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.


And since I came in the summer period, I needed to make a little summer vacation. So I went for four days to amazing Antalya. Lucky for me I had a local friend there and besides going to the beach, he showed me some nice places of the city. We went to the old town, the waterfalls in Lara, to eat some good sea food, to smoke Nargile with the Mediterranean sea view in the night, to have a traditional village breakfast in the mountains, and took me on a day trip to Kemer, a small city next to Antalya.


I wish I had visited some other cities as well while I was here, but hey, I need to come back to Turkey for some proper reason. And I am sure I will, to meet again amazing people, culture and traditions, cities that steal your soul and places and projects that after them you will never be the same person as before you came. And for you, all of you, I wish you the best as well. I wish together to seek for new places and challenges, to be curious about topics, to find more Erasmus projects suitable for our own interests and personalities, to improve ourselves, to find the beauty in homes far away from home, to enjoy, grow and have fun. And to believe that in the future somewhere we will meet each other again. And we will share our experiences and journeys.

Until then,
Much love and take care!

Tamara Grbevska

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