Discover the Baltic Sea – On the northernmost Rallye in the world!

Launched in 2011, the Baltic Sea Circle is an adventurous and exciting rally that covers 10 countries, 7.500 km and takes you one time around the whole Baltic Sea. The starting and ending point is the Fischmarkt (fish market) in Hamburg in Germany and the most northern point of the route is nothing less than the North Cape in Norway – the northernmost point of continental Europe.

The rally is organized by Superlative Adventure Club (S.A.C.) seated in Germany and the Netherlands; it was founded in 2010 by two brothers from Hamburg in order “to offer adventure-rallies for everyone”. Though it is not only about fun and adventure, but also about helping others: because it is a charity event!

To make this rally even more special there are certain rules to follow: every team must drive in an “old-school” car, meaning that the vehicle used must be at least 20 years old. GPS, navigation and highways are not allowed! There is no limit for the number of participants per team (they only all have to fit in the car they’re using) and every team has to collect at least 750 Euros for sustainable/social projects. Furthermore every team member has to pay a participation-fee of 890 Euros for a two-member team and each additional member pays 250 Euros. All the money is usually being crowd-funded by the teams and S.A.C. is using that money for the organization of the event and for more charity-projects.

“Joni” (right in the picture), a good friend of mine from Haldensleben in Germany who participated in the BSC in 2017 with his “Team Werft Calvörde”, was so kind to talk with me about his experiences and give some impressions from his trip around the Baltic Sea.

“I, kind of, stumbled over pictures from the BSC online, so I read about it and thought to myself “that’s exactly what I want too! Freedom, adventure and gasoline in my veins…totally my thing!” When I saw the pictures of the landscape, it just caught me. Short chat with the friends, asking who’s interested and – there! – my friend Felix was! (This year he even took part in the European 5000 Rally)*.

Since we decided quiet spontaneously we paid most of the money by ourselves. Also gas and food of course. But we had some savings so that was okay for us.

Our car was a 1985 Opel Rekord E with 100 horse powers. It was Felix’ car anyway so we could just use it for the rally. Before we went off, me and my dad gave it some check-ups and basic repairs…new filters, changing the engine oil and then it worked all the way without any breakdown. The tour took us exactly 14 days for around 7.500 km. Everything went as planned according to our Roadbook.

It was a super experience and I would instantly do it again! But the best thing is still to just pack your stuff and go somewhere – just like that! ’cause if you go spontaneously you’ll have more time and less pressure. But still I would recommend the rally to adventurers!”

Sascha Schlüter
Jonathan “Joni” Miehe


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