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Work in gastronomy is a transitional phase in the lives of many young people. For sure, a lot of your friends have had contact with waitressing, but is this a job for everyone?


restaurant-690975_1920A restaurant is not only about good food, it’s the decor, the music, the smell, the atmosphere and people. The first thing that greets the customer after entering is the waitress. Depending on her approach the guests will spend the service-waiting time in a good or a bad mood. How much they will order and how they will assess the local. The waiter must greet people and feel their personality. Consumers often don’t know what they want and there is a lot of room to maneuver for the perfect employee. In addition, to the obligatory good knowledge of savoir-vivre, menu and alcohol, he or she should introduce their products in such a way that the customers will wait for it, thinking that they just won the lottery. When everything is on the table, the job is not done. It is crucial to watch the tables and notice the guests’ needs, even before they will tell. They have to feel special, it guarantees that they remain satisfied and will come again! Even in spite of slight dissatisfaction with the kitchen, or prolonged waiting time.


bar-1238379_1920Tip, this is an usual show of gratitude for good service. For those who are not in the habit of giving them, because employees are already paid, I have some information that will motivate them to rethink this topic. I mentioned the features of a good waiter above, now I will try to bring closer the difficulties they face every day. Huge stress is a permanent part of everyday working in gastronomy.
Customers, let’s face it, sometimes they are not very intelligent or just evil-minded. Even in extreme situations, a waitress should and can not lose control. They always have to find a solution that will satisfy the consumer. There are customers who change tables without information and mix up things in orders. But if something is wrong on the bill then guess who has to face the consequences? Yes, the same person who cleans everything, deals with toilets, flowers, windows and more. Who often doesn’t have time to eat a meal or even use the toilet (because the client can’t wait), but still keep smiling.


lefteris-kallergis-NQZiQxuIyFk-unsplashBeing a waiter is not just constant stress and physical exertion. Because if that was the case, let’s be honest – nobody would decide on this job. It also means working with people thanks to which you develop your interpersonal skills and self-confidence every day and you regularly practice memory and English language. It provides the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who are often very open and willing to talk about their culture, as well as about adventures during their holidays (sometimes they may know more about your city than you do). For me, being a waiter is a way of learning. Studying people. After only a few seconds I need to know how to start a conversation; use formal very polite phrases or the basic principles of culture. Or maybe start with a joke? Some guests love to have some fun while waiting for service. Others don’t like being bothered. It’s all just a small part of what a typical waiter’s work looks like. Quite impressive, and not knowing this, we often forget to smile to them. And who knows, maybe one of them becomes the love of your life!

Dorota Łyczak

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