Make Social Inclusion Happen

Make Social Inclusion Happen is the name of the project funded by Erasmus+. The project took place at the seaside town called Costinesti which is part of Constanta in Romani. Students from the following countries took part: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The project was all about people socializing more, communicating with different people and learning their cultures. In this project we learned many new games, which we presented in front of our friends after our comeback from the 10 days trip. It was one of the best experiences we have ever had as students from Macedonia. Our visit to Romania has left us with a lot of memories and a good impression of the State. The only thing that wasn’t as magnificent as the nature, the beach and many more was the fact that there weren’t a lot of people in Costinesti.

The days went by fast, so fast that we wish them back, there was no day that we didn’t have fun, but the best day was our one day trip to Constanta, a beautiful city, where we did a part of the project that had to do with talking to people, playing games with them and such. It was an amazing experience that we would love to relive again.

Ardit Ibraimi


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