Share a smile, share love

SHARING IS CARING – short and quite simple saying. I believe we all have used it at some point, however what we should be asking ourselves is:
Are we the ones saying it or the ones using it?
Are we truly happy if we have it all, but no one to share it with?
Let’s find out!


Walking down the street, enjoying the refreshing ice cream you just bought, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, you find yourself in front of a petite child asking you for money to buy food. You look around spotting the family not far away. You notice that they have nothing but the cold cement they are sitting on. How does that make you feel?

I have always felt uneasy looking at something like this. Just think about it. The world is a beautiful place, yet not everyone gets to enjoy it and everything it offers. We can change this. We can give, love, help. We can share, because just a small gesture towards someone can light up their whole day.

youssef-naddam-iJ2IG8ckCpA-unsplashRecently I had the pleasure to help. My school partnered up with ”Retvit meal” so we can participate in making more meals and feed the homeless. It was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We helped in the process of making the meals. It is true what they say… Combined forces are the way to go. The room was full of loving and caring people, which made it easier to get the work done. We chopped and peeled vegetables, cooked pasta, made sauce, the aroma that filled the room was just unbelievable. We then packaged the meals and wrote a short message on the blank space on top of them. I can’t even describe the feeling that went through my body when we finished the last meal. Knowing that this will bring happiness to someone makes it all worth it. On my way home I was rethinking the whole experience. What we take for granted every day, just because we know that we would have it the next day and the day after that as well, is someone’s wishlist. So if this was the way to make this wish come true, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

The day that really made me broaden my horizons a little more was just around the corner. My school’s administrative team and I, alongside another non-governmental organization and the Retvit team, started organizing and waited for the people to show up. Okay, I just want you to imagine the face of a happy child that got what he desired for Christmas, feel the happiness, take in the smile. Now, if you told me that this was not the most fulfilling sight, I wouldn’t believe you. One by one they were coming towards us. If I printed out every “thank you”, ”have a nice day” and “god bless you” I got, I would have a wall full of appreciation. I was touched by every smile I received. Seeing everyone happy at least in that moment made my day. As a philantrophist myself, watching the people around me satisfied, restored my faith in humanity. I can go on and on about the emotions this event evoked in me and I would never do it justice.

There is so much we can do by doing so little. What we may think is nothing, is everything to someone. Why not put a smile on a stranger’s face, why not make people happy, why not spread love? Everything can be bought except love and happiness, so if you can share or give someone a taste of this – do it. We have it all inside us, we just need to open our hearts and help.

Ana-Marija Pejchinovska

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