Where the heart has never been

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond the borders?
What lies deep under the ocean and up above the clouds?
Do you find yourself dreaming about uncovering every story
and legend hidden all around the world?
Are you curious to see every beauty and miracle the world holds?
Close your eyes and enjoy the ride.

71707308_2429447363963873_1255756482100592640_nYou are standing on a crowded street in ROME. Catching glimpses of conversations happening around you. Cameras everywhere. You look up. You see the largest amphitheatre ever, THE COLOSSEUM, illuminating with it’s rich history. Showing you the remains of once gladiatorial contests, famous battles and animal hunts. Surviving wars and earthquakes, there it is, standing proudly in front of you. You look on your right, the sun is blocked by a cradle of culture, history and timeless beauty, THE PANTHEON. Once a temple, now a church, blinding you with it’s dome, ancient pictures and statues, gold purifying the walls and architecture beyond everyone’s reach. Your mind is now traveling through history, reliving every option of what might have happened here about a 1800 years ago. You look on your left, you can’t believe your eyes, breath of fresh air reaches your lungs, you are looking at one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen, THE TREVI FOUNTAIN. You feel like you are in your wildest imagination, but it’s reality. From horses galloping on the water, gods, goddesses, horns, angels to engraved designs, you are speechless. You then hear a legend going around so you decide to give it a try. Throwing a coin with your right arm over your left shoulder you make a wish.

The 20 centuries old house of the opera, THE VERONA ARENA, the church, home for the tombs of the ancient lords of Verona, SCALIGER TOMBS, and finally the gate, PORTA BORSARI, welcome you in the beautiful city that is VERONA. You are now standing on the balcony of Juliet’s house, looking at her life-like statue in the garden downstairs. Shakespeare’s Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, you are standing in the center of the biggest and greatest love story of all times.

78385166_844891969262449_8620640902337003520_nAll of a sudden you are on a boat, on your way to the city that floats, VENICE. Passing every bridge you get to know Venice a little more. You see a gondola dropping off a girl coming back from work, excited tourists taking pictures and now you are in a gondola crossing the GRAND CANAL. You try to take it all in as you stand in ST. MARK’S SQUARE surrounded by masterpieces such as ST. MARK’S BASILICA and THE DOGE’S PALACE. You finish your day off with the most delicious slice of italian pizza.

THE METROPOLITAN CITY OF MILAN, fashion capital, home of art, finance, design and tourism. Like it’s not charming enough, it lures you in by firstly showing you the largest cathedral in the world, THE MILAN CATHEDRAL. Amazed by this view you go deeper. Milan reveals the ROYAL PALACE OF MILAN as well as THE SFORZA CASTLE. Just moments after you are in the centre, surrounded by every high brand in the world, every new piece of clothing, jewellery and accessories. This city carries what some would call the most incomparable bit of art, DA VINCI’S LAST SUPPER.

Suddenly, you find yourself in France, NICE, to be exact. Wondering are you in a movie or are you actually standing in a hotel room just like the ones you see in the pictures about France. You go on your small but cosy balcony and you are greeted by the never ending beach, crystal blue water and blood-like sunset. You scavenge the city and get a grip of it’s inner beauty. You fell like you’ve been enchanted when you reach the top, and you have Nice on your hands. The blend of the sea, the city and the sky above make you feel like you are in a fairytale.


You are looking at every handprint and footprint that belongs to every world known actor and actress in CANNES. The host of the Cannes Film Festival is known like the home of the rich and famous.

You have never seen more gold, lights and luxury in your life. MONACO has it all. People in expensive clothes, arriving in their matt black limousines, their bodyguards holding the door for them, you feel like you have just entered another world. Hearing laughter, joy and happiness from the casinos make you love the nightlife even more. This city has the power of making you feel rich from the moment you set foot in it. You love it.

78677920_480133692612721_8914157034610360320_nYou stop by to be astonished once more. THE SAGRADA FAMILIA, 137 years old from one side, modern from the other. Always upgrading, hiding every secret from the past. You can look at it all day and all night for all eternity and there would still be a detail you may miss. Such a monument like no other. This has your heartbeat going faster and your breath shorten. You wonder how does such thing even exist. The only thing you want to do is shake hands with the one responsible for such a miracle coming to life.

BARCELONA doesn’t fail to impress once more. You get to THE MAGIC FOUNTAIN. Its elegant motion, vibrant colors and soothing music make your jaw drop. You feel like the angels are singing you a sweet lullaby. Time stops while looking at something so stunning. The atmosphere makes you so happy you want to scream and cry at the same time.
Your journey doesn’t end here. There is still a whole world for you to explore. Pack your suitcase and let your heart choose the next location.

Ana-Marija Pejchinovska

Pictures: Ana-Marija Pejchinovska


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