Love for ALL / Liebe für ALLE! Sharing the message

Love for ALL (german: Liebe für Alle) is a non-profit organization based in Leipzig (Germany). It originated from an action that a bunch of people in Magdeburg (Germany) started in 2012. The idea behind it is to fight discrimination and share the message of tolerance, solidarity and love around the world.

According to the activists “Liebe für Alle consideres itself as an action for more tolerance and solidarity and against discrimination of any type in all-day life. Our action stands for an open attitude towards supposedly strangers, new and “other” people. To connect and establish friendships, to solidarise and support each other are worth more to us than any distinction, that is being drawn based on origin, gender, sexual orientation, belief or social status.”



It all started with the pink, square shaped stickers, that people are supposed to share in any place they go to (on their facebook page or website, you can find a gallery with pictures from around the globe) and share the message. After short time, you could find such a sticker everywhere in the streets of (central) German cities like Magdeburg,

Halle, Leipzig, Berlin etc. and soon it spread wider and wider. I myself found several stickers in pretty remote places like Vilnius (Lithuania), Katowice and Warsaw (Poland), Athens (Greece) or Verdun (France) and also shared a bunch with friends that I met during my journeys. Maybe you’ve even seen one somewhere throughout Europe already too?

But it’s not only about putting some nice stickers to streetlights, when you’re on vacation!

IMG_20181115_155836_187The team of Liebe für Alle is hosting info-stands on parties, festivals, concerts and other events, to share their attitude with other people, get together and discuss and oppose to discrimination and group-related misanthropy.

And there’s even more: in 2014, the activists acquired some equipment for textile-printing and started their own small fashion label “tiefbunt” (“deep-colorful”) and produce fair and organic clothing like bags, hats, t-shirts, hoodies etc. to spread the word also on this way “…because revolution also starts in your wardrobe”. Therefore they’re running an online-shop, the earnings from selling their products are being used partly to support social/societal projects, organizations or initiatives.

P1100070Even though, you cannot change the world over night, actions, campaigns and grass root initiatives like this one can be an important impulse to fighting inhumane attitudes and overcome the fussing and fighting among humans and they deserve to be supported.

Being solidaric and open-minded is eventually up to everyone of us, but making this kind of statement – and making it visible – can maybe help to change people’s habits and attitudes in small steps.

Sascha Schlüter
Pictures: Sascha Schlüter


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