First Impression

The first impression is a psychological term which means that the substructure of a person’s mental image if we think a human in our mind as a building. The first step of construction is building substructure and then building floors.

log-4164303_1920f the building substructure is weak, it doesn’t matter how the floors are. That’s why there is many kind of research about the first impression and why it’s so important. We can say about the first impression that it’s the very first form of prejudice. The first impression is completely related to the subconscious. If you like blond hair, a blond person’s first impression will be better than brunettes. It’s not only about observed but also about the observer.

Then, what are the factors of the first impression? There are a lot. Age, race, culture, gender, accent, voice and others. However, don’t worry because we don’t have to think about all of them. Our brain does it for us and it lasts one-tenth of a second. So, what should we do to a good first impression?

woman-570883_1920Step 1: Be yourself

There is no universal formula about a good first impression. I mention that it’s not all about you. You can’t know the observer’s background. However, we all know that people being themselves are more attractive than people pretending to be another person.

Step 2: Use body language

There are many scientific studies stating that body language is more important and effective than verbal communication. When we use body language, the signals go directly to the mind. Correctly used body language will make your first impression better.

Step 3: Relevance

Relevance is the key to all steps. You shouldn’t go on a date with pijamas. And also, don’t be too much about anything. Don’t talk too loudly, don’t drink and don’t ask too much. Stay away from  anything abnormal. If you will go to a meeting, be serious and wear a suit if you will go to the football match, wear your uniform and shout like “EnbüyükTürkiye! “

sam-manns-V5Owjg-ZNto-unsplash.jpgStep 4: Smile

Studies show that smiling people are more reliable than surly people. And smiling is contagious. When you smile, people talking with you will automatically smile, it’s our instinct. (you can watch it

Step 5: The magic of colors

close-up-photo-of-abstract-painting-3057821.jpgEach color has a meaning. Colors affect our feelings.
Let’s take a look at the colors.

Action, sexual desire, energy, passion, motivation, and warning. Commonly used by sports cars and brothels.

Joy, happiness, intellect. Also, it is associated with food. That’s why food companies commonly use yellow color.

Fertility, nature, heal and safety. Commonly used by medical companies, traffic lights, and natural stores.

Trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and truth. Commonly used by police, schools, and kindergartens.

Love, immature and girlish. Commonly used by girls.

Power, formality, and elegance. Commonly used by formal jobs and cars.

Dogukan Sever

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