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Learning English is not a choice nowadays, it’s an obligation. You can go everywhere in the world if you know English. Besides, it’s a very important criterion for finding a job. Almost every country has English lessons in schools, but students can’t learn English with these lessons. For example, in Turkey, English lessons start from 2nd class until the end of high school. Our students take English lessons for ten years, but they can’t speak even a few words. There is a similar situation in the rest of the world.

Okay, but how can I study English? There are some issues with money, time, method and others. I will tell my system that I used, and my mentees are using now. Just, don’t forget that each person should create his or her own system to study. There is not unique system for everyone. This system I will explain will be just an example, then you will create your own system.

books-1841116_1920There are two supported and four main skills in English. Words and grammar are supported skills and reading, listening, writing and speaking are the main skills. From A1 to B1, we won’t study writing and speaking because writing and speaking require good words and grammar knowledge. First, we will study supported skills to support the main skills. We will study online because physical English courses require more investment. You should prepare to go, spend time to come back and use more energy than study online. Besides, online courses are much cheaper than physical courses. That’s why we will use online courses. Spend less time and energy, and save energy and time, in this way English skills will be improved.


Step 1
Time Management There is no success without a plan. We should make a plan to know the next step. First, determine your full times like lessons, working hours and others. And then, your free time will come out. From A1 to B1; 2.5 hours a day, from B1 to C1; 4.5 hours a day minimum is enough to learn English. You should wake up until 8 am because studying English words in the morning is smarter than in the rest of the day.

Step 2
Supported Skills Words: We will write down the words we don’t know and create a dictionary. We will study 24 words each morning. The best site for studying words is ” Lingualeo “. You can create your own dictionary and there are many enjoyable ways to study words like games and others.

As a learner of English, you will not understand the explanations of grammar rules, so you should find the best application or online grammar course in your language. For example, in Turkish, there is a free website for grammar https://bit.ly/38JBI5J

You can buy a post-it and write the whole grammar rules on it then post the whole room. However, if you can understand the explanations in English, the best application is ” ABA English “. You can find very detailed explanations, many examples and the price is cheaper than other applications.

Step 3
Main Skills Reading: In the beginning, we can’t read everything. So, we have to choose the right passages to read. “News in Levels” will help us. There is much actual news with three different levels, level 1 is ok for the beginning. The main words in these passages are must known. Another nice site is “English e-Reader”, there are hundreds of books divided levels from A1 to C2. You can read easier forms of the most popular books.

Listening is the most enjoyable part of studying English. For listening, we will use two different enjoyable applications. The first is ” VoScreen “. You can watch some parts of movies and films, these videos are about 10-20 seconds and at the end of the video, there is a question about the sentences in the video. You can use subtitles to find the answer. The second application is ” Lyricstraining “. You fill the gaps in the lyrics of the music. There are many kinds of music in the application. These two applications are the most helpful applications until the B1. After B1, you can watch the movies and tv series with subtitles and listen to podcasts with transcripts until C1.

As I said before, you have to reach a level to write something. From B1 to C1, the best way is writing daily including your feelings, events and your dreams. After the C1, you can write a blog. Besides, from B1 to C1, you can use language exchange and pen pal sites. With these sites, you can learn English faster and improve your writing skills. Some sites about it are “Speaky, Tandem, Interpals”.

The best way of improving speaking skill is having a friend who knows English fluently. However, if you don’t have such a friend, you can use a very cheap and effective application named “EnglishCentral”. According to the plans, you will have a class each day. One class lasts 25 minutes and it happens on skype. Before the classes, you watch a video and study it. After that, you can use this video as a topic and can talk about it or you can talk about whatever you want during the classes. After each class, you will receive feedback about your accent and structure of your sentences.

Top 5 Useful Application On Google Play/IOS

  • EWA: The advantage of EWA is including both grammar and word exercises. Besides, there is a library inside the app. You can find many articles, films and tv series, books in this library and you can add only with touch the words to your library to study later.
  • 2- BBC Learning English: You can find the whole useful resources of the BBC to learning English in this application. 6 minutes English is one of them and you can listen to grammar rules and social conversations for listening.
  • 3- LearnEnglish Grammar (US edition): You can find the whole grammar details in this application.
  • 4- Elllo: This application is for especially listening. You can listen to over 1500 conversation with transcripts and learn phrases. 5- Voa Learning English: You can read much news according to your level and watch original news from the USA.

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