The longest ride

Can one explain love?

Is it in the smiles we see, the laugh we hear, the blinding sparkle in someone’s eye, or maybe it is the way we touch. There is no explanation really. Are we supposed to know when it’s coming? Are we supposed to see it in the burning sunset or hear it in the waves. Maybe it is the darkness that will bring it to us. We can never be sure.

erfan-moradi-r8cwrYe40rU-unsplashYou have these people that you have known and loved from the moment you opened your eyes and took your first breath. Strangely, this is not the case for them. Still they give you all the love the universe holds. Can you love someone that much? How can you explain how much they mean to you? You can look them in the eye and not say a thing, touch them and feel every molecule explodes, smile and see the spark.

bryan-garces-uhRssKGBkNw-unsplashHave you ever looked at someone and thought to yourself: Where has this person been all my life? How come we have so much in common, we are almost the same person and yet we have never met before? How can a heart so pure stand right in front of you and you still can’t truly see it? You feel enchanted by their kindness, beauty, giving nature. You blame them for keeping all the good in them and not sharing it with the world, but then you realize that the world hasn’t given them any good so how can you blame them? Yet, some time passes by and they start glowing, accepting the flaws and replacing them with perfection. You have never seen someone love like this before.

benigno-hoyuela--tz7W_v89M0-unsplashDo you have enough love for all the souls that are yet to come, can you love even more? One day you will look at someone and you will see every sunrise, sunset and storm waiting to be set free. All the pieces will move closer together. That person will take you beyond every thing which you thought was impossible to cross. They will hear your heart calling for them and they will answer.

Love is this never-ending, explicit ride of souls that found each other, the piece they were looking for, longing for everything they now have, living the dream they had, holding the one they gave themselves to, the high of all the highs while the low of all lows. The first glimpse of sunlight, the first raindrop and the touch of moonlight on their skin.

Love is in the moments we live, the memories we make, laughs we share, body we touch, words we say. We are capable of creating love. We are the ones moving the universe. And as long as we remember, relive and talk about every long walk on the beach, overthinking in the rain, rides on the fares well, long talks under the starry night sky and escapes we had, WE WILL REMEMBER LOVE.

Ana-Marija Pejchinovska

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