Lagom – not too little, not too much. Just right.

Have you ever thought about how much is enough for you?
“Lagom”, the word, which is commonly used by Swedish people, means just right. It can be related to all human areas of living to make people’s life more harmonic and balanced.


Sometimes, the word “lagom” is compared to the idiom “less is more”, which brings us to one of the key characteristics of Swedish culture and life’s approach which is sustainability. “Less is more” got to become a kind of global quote. The world starts to be tired of boundless consumerism. People are finally trying to find some better solutions to save our planet. One of them is to go “less waste” – but what is that? “Less waste” is a lifestyle of people who try to avoid producing trashes and they want to be more aware consumers. It has 3 principles, which you can find below.
– Reduce
– Reuse
– Recycle

Less waste always starts with people’s awareness. If we want to raise awareness of the society, we should first ask ourselves some crucial questions. These can be:
– what happens with all those trashes I throw out to the bin?
– who produces all my clothes and how?
– what will happen with my household goods and consumer electronics when I put them to the trash bins?
– how long all my plastic bottles are going to decompose?
– how animals suffered because of some of my new cosmetics and why?
– what happens with cigarette butt I have thrown on the street?

bags with paper

Then, if we want to find some honest answers, we can start to think about why I need more – over and over again – and what I try to cover up with all those new things that I’m buying. And here we are again with “lagom” – use just right, do just right, live just right. And you will find your balance and harmony.

How can you start with less waste? First, answer the questions above. It’s really important to find the reasons and you can do it only by being more aware of the consumer’s reality. Then you can start with some little steps.

linen bag

1. Take your bag when you do the shopping.
There are still some countries where giving a plastic bag is the norm. It’s not nowadays and you don’t need to follow it. Just take your own bag and some small bags for fruits and vegetables and refuse plastic ones.

2. Filter your water or drink tap water.
You don’t need to buy water in plastic bottles anymore. There are much better ways to stay hydrated and not to pollute our planet. You can buy a bottle with a filter or simply drink water from the tap (if it’s possible to drink tap water in your country). Good for the planet and better for your wallet – trust me!

3. Recycle.
Even though it’s not a common practice in all countries in the world yet – it’s going to be, soon hopefully. You can still recycle in your own bags and find some bins which are designed for recycling. You will see how much trash you produce every day and what is your main waste.

4. Go second-hand or go local.
If you really need to buy some new clothes, check first in second hand or on some second-hand websites. It’s much better than supporting fast fashion production which affects our ecosystem. If you want, you can also support your local brands by asking how they produce their clothes.


5. Plan your food.
It’s pretty easy to start and it helps a lot with food waste every day. It will help the planet and again it is really gonna make your wallet more wealthy. Start with a couple of days’ plan and schedule all your meals. Then make a proper shopping by buying only the products you need. You can include more veggie meals which are also a huge help for our planet – less meat, more veggies.

These are five easy steps that can help you to go less waste. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

There are plenty of sites which can help you find best practices and it’s always about being in harmony with yourself. Don’t push yourself but try to be aware of all the changes you make. Remember, you can be the change of your community and you can have some real impact on saving our planet.

Wiktoria Moritz


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