Quarantine story from Croatia – What has Corona taught me?

Well…not much…It confirmed some of my previous revelations, wrapped up some of my “deep thoughts” conversations with the person in my life that I consider as the most intelligent, raised the awareness of some issues I knew before but I was not ready to accept them as they are…

Just briefly:

– First of all: you are human or you are not! There’s no Corona that will turn a good person into a bad one nor the opposite.

– Every single person needs a hug, embracement that is hard to give and even harder to accept, cause there was no one to teach us. That very same hug, embracement has become forbidden, canceled, undesirable but chronically needed, necessary. Maybe when this sh*t is over we will accept and embrace that as the warmest way to express emotions…Just Maybe…

Anka– People are not strong enough to withstand such a weight alone if we name that weight with CORONA title or any misfortune before or after Corona. Let’s encourage ourselves to share our heavyweight and pain, we always have someone to hear us and who will turn the World upside down to make it easy for us…even if it`s only one person, that person is worth as gold!

– We are ashamed to admit that we have a harsh time, it`s easier to make a joke out of that, it`s true but until when…We burden each other with jokes, black humor, with everything `cause it`s easier than asking the person that simple, authentic but always forgotten question-How are you?

– We understood, I hope most of us, how we deal with ourselves, are we our own, authentic, or we just play different roles but not in the plays or movies but in our own life…I hope that many will come out with canceled play roles, with signed up the most important role-the Role of our own SELF!

– We cannot count down the years or the moments we have missed but those which we had lived to the fullest. Let`s start counting the sunrises that we have enjoyed…sun settings that we sent off with soul peace, clean consciousness, and an open mind and heart.

Anka2– And at the end of all, still stands that globe that we live on, that gives us so many treasures that we constantly destroy through the years, we don`t appreciate, understand, the globe that finally took a breath, rest, purified and still waits for us, ready to offer its beauties and only demands of us to take care of her a bit more…

I would conclude with that…with what most of the people started the quarantine: “Damn, how small you are human…”.


Anka Đikić

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