Ready for a new cinematic paradigm?

Let’s take a step back and dive into the mind-blowing elements composing the world of movie director Christopher Nolan.

His upcoming movie, Tenet, deals with the possibility of reversing the flow of time. Imagine for one second this would be true, fascinating don’t you think? Previously, he brilliantly tackled dreams as the primary element of his masterpiece Inception. Thinking there could be several layers in the dreaming process, then developing this idea was quite inspiring.

As the journalist Samuel Blumenfeld from the newspaper Le Monde writes, this is pretty impressive that his artist managed in creating movies successfully targeting a wide audience out of a discipline such as quantic physics.

As I remember, Physics was not my talent area in high-school, so my firm interest in his filmography is quite surprising. Once again a piece of evidence that life is definitely full of surprises and twists!

As I understand the words of Mr. Nolan in his interview, this subspecialty would allow us to reflect on the time in a new way, from future to past, thus widening options to draft a film scenario.
Of course, same as several movies these days, there is an unanswerable question mark regarding the release date of this labyrinth new film at this stage. Therefore, I look even more forward to the moment when it will be the right time for this allegedly new work of art to be presented to the world.

Hopefully, this occasion will come soon and we will have the delight to be taken far away in a new reality and a captivating story defined by time travel. This change of scenery will allow us to give up for a couple of hours our down to earth concerns and be transported far away into an unconventional world in terms of timelines and paradigms.

Then, I am convinced we may well come back to our usual businesses with a fresh mind and an enjoyable new perspective on our environment. By the way, it makes sense as this is precisely the purpose of cinema, after all. So, long live the 7th art!

Jules Striffler

Blumenfeld, Samuel. 2020. “Christopher Nolan, L’Homme Qui Devait Sauver Le Cinéma”. Le Monde.Fr.

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