VOICES September 2020

VOICES coverOur homes have become more familiar to us in these past months than ever. This year the summer was about discovering your neighborhood and traveling through the country you are living in. One can’t say it has been easy but it has brought us beautiful things to our lives after all. This has been the key idea that we have been working in the past weeks, discovering stories of music, culture and art from close to home. We catch so many local voices to write to us positive, interesting and warm topics from our surroundings.

We didn’t have to go far to reach our stories, as our home Skopje has a lot to offer. We sat down with the guys from Fiction band to hear about their music, traveled to Prespa Lake for a swim between the mountains, gathered amazing photography around Macedonia from our friend Krume and followed the green path through Skopje Light Art District. We took a trip to Skopje train station and got to know a few antique shops in Old Bazaar. Our writers from other countries took their time to write us stories about Earth, about art and about an inspiring woman, Wangari Maathai.

There’s always a peak of beauty in the world when you know where to look for. This month we offer it to you in the form of VOICES, hoping that it will bring a smile to your faces.

Love from VOICES team

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