Cooperation of Creativity and Brain magics (Creagic)

Your mind is full of magic, go ahead and discover them. Creativity is the key that opens doors for your future. It is a powerful tool to use, but don’t look for it in your toolbox, because it is inside you. Usually, you get confused and complicated about how to use it or think whether you have that tool or not? The answer is quite simple: everyone has that tool, and that is your creativity that shapes you as a different person.

Home for ideas, concepts, dreams, goals which are kind of overlooked is the brain. Using tongue for expressing mostly everything processing in our brain is one of the means, but there are many other means of getting over the patterns in our brains, such as painting, singing, dancing, and building. Different people use different means to express themselves, and that way they develop their skills and abilities and most importantly their creativity. When you watch dancers dancing they speak silently, through their motions. When you look at paintings they don’t speak but they explore the painter. Even if the painter tries to repaint his/her painting they will not look the same, there might be slight differences and that differences show the act of creativity. All these are the ways of describing the indescribable.

The 21st century is developing every second and we can see many products are coming out. That’s the outcome of creativity. Human creativity is developing the world and making advancements. So we are part of this world and we are also humans who have the ability to create the impossible and make others not to go with the flow but embody the magic in their brains. Creativity is an inner state that should be put into a process, which will push us forward to chasing our goals and ideas and make impossibles possible. We start to look for other ways especially in bad states when our brain and mind is locked down and there seems to be no way out of it, the first thing we do we start thinking not about how it happened but how to come over it, and we use even those ideas which seemed insane during the normal state. The pressure we should not avoid it when it comes, let me call it as a “wake up” call for our creativity. And I am quite sure that lots of people are familiar with the backstage histories of many masterpieces, which have been created while being under pressure or stress. So, let’s not ran away from the pressure, just turn it to a masterpiece. I have decided to create a blend as a name for brain magics and creativity cooperation: “Creagic”.

Finally, our three factors: brain, creativity, and pressure shape us to be unique and different in this rapidly developing century, where each of the factors has its own place, but only their cooperation can make us a creagic people. Hidden inside you it helps to make impossibles possible only we need to find the right ways to use it. Be creative to explore yourself and be the example others seek.

Kristine Khachaturyan

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