The Ballad of Jayne

“She was like that…

she would send you pictures you took together
so that her smile could haunt you from your photo album

she would put on a thick layer of red hot lipstick
every 20 minutes so that you wouldn’t even dare to kiss her

she would leave pencil-written messages in the poetry books you’d lend her,
so that whenever you’d open them and read a verse,
her voice would fill the air,
as she recites…

she would spritz her perfume on the letters she’d send you,
so that she’ll always be present when you reread them,
to see you long for her…

she would paint rose-gardens filled with cherry trees,
so that she could always pull you in on her world
thru the painting on your wall

she would put stickers on the records she’d give you,
and I’d feel like all of the songs the Beatles ever wrote
are about her…

she would always sleep with her eyes open,
and her heart closed,
her breath would always smell like chocolate

she would only smile and speak with her eyes,
as she will forever hold my heart at the tip of her hand.”

As he finished talking, my hope was gone and I realized that “she” was like

that, just someone I could never replace…

Dafina “Daffne” Veselinoska

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