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The music industry has a lot of people with success, but many don’t know what happens backstage, unique in Rap and pop, where you see the singer. Producers are responsible for every music they sign, and when you talk about music producers, the first top-of-mind name is Dr. Dre. Besides the music production, Dre is also a rapper, entrepreneur, and responsible for Eminem’s success. 

Andre Young, the actual name Dre, was born in 1965 in Compton, California. His success in music started in 1986, with the creation of N.W.A., as one of the rappers, but we already did almost all the production in N.W.A singles and albums until we left the group. We early knew how good he was in production and in 1992 cofound with Suge Knight, Death Row Records, the best record label for hip-hop artists in the L.A. area in the 90s. Dre in Death Row worked in tremendous success, such the debut album of Snoop Dog – Doggystyle with have the unforgettable hit “Who Am I (What’s my name)?” after was time for 2Pac shine with “All Eyez on Me.” During that time, we also released two albums of their one, one of them in 1999, that have its biggest successful hit, “Forget About Dre.” 

In 1998, Jimmy Iovine showed pure gold to Dre, a kid with a massive talent for rapping, but no one, what’s to sign with him because he was white by the name of Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem. Dre, after listening to a few seconds of Eminem, returns the call to Jimmy and tells him to bring that kid to the studio. Dre plays just a few seconds of music, and M starts rapping. After that studio session, he signs with them just on the first day in the studio on in own label – Aftermath, a division label of Interscope, something that doesn’t happen in the music industry. Like we know another colossal success with releasing The Slim Shady LP in 1999, the single that makes Eminem the RAPPER that is nowadays – “My Name Is,” and the rest is history. 

Besides those big names in music, Dr. Dre also works with names like 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Rakim, The Game, Mary J. Blige, D12, and Akon. If you don’t count with all the awards he owns in the music industry, we can say that this year, Dre achieved one of the best goals in his long career, performing in the Halftime Show of Superbowl 2022 with the best artists that he works. 

Dre. isn’t a genius to be a great producer. He also improves the way we listen. In collaboration with Jimmy Iovine, they create the Beast by Dre. Headphones. These headphones combine style with good quality sound gear, something that didn’t exist at the time they were created, and make other companies do the same. 

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