May; the month of freedom and gratitude 

Freedom is a term usually used to describe the feeling where a person doesn’t feel attached to any responsibilities or priorities and is free to live as he wishes. 

Nowadays, many people consider freedom a utopia because they find it impossible to be liberated from their life roles and live as they wish. 

We are in control of our life and the choices we make! We wish to be free, but we won’t allow ourselves. Think outside the box. What do we truly desire? Are we locked in a bit of room behind bars? Or are we free to try, explore, taste, and discover? 

We all have a dream. What is yours? Where is your peaceful place? What holds you back from living that dream? 

I saw a bird the other day. It was sat on a bench just looking around. Then I wondered, what is it doing just sitting when it could fly worldwide? But then I looked at myself and thought the same thing.  Is freedom a choice? Or is it a miracle? You choose.

Ferran Mortes McLellan


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