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It happened! After five months and five articles, the thing that I was afraid of during this project occurred – I didn’t know what kind of topic I would write. I can’t say that I entirely run out of ideas; I couldn’t figure out what sounds interesting to me or what I like. Some of the ideas I thought to write about at the beginning of the month weren’t manageable for two main reasons. Touching political topics (one of the things that are forbidden to write) or don’t have images to properly illustrate the article (that is the most common cause, especially when you want to talk about someone).

Writing an article isn’t always easy as I imagined when I started writing for Voices. In the beginning, I had thousands of ideas per minute, but now I’m stuck without any topic to write about. So I’m writing about the situation that happened to me.

I don’t know what caused my writer’s block. When I finally started to write and do the research, a new idea came to my mind, so I needed to delete everything I wrote. I looked for some inspiration on YouTube, Netflix, some newspapers, and many other places and ended up almost every single time with nothing.  

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I’m not a person who expresses himself because I’m not particularly eager to bother others with my problems and everything else. Talking about writing is even more challenging. But I’m starting to improve and step out of my comfort zone while writing this post. Like the others, this article was close to being deleted, but I thought: “WHY? There is no reason to do that – you are just expressing that you can’t find an interesting topic to write about.”

If you ask me: “Are you afraid that will happen again next month?” My answer is a simple NO. There’s always something to write, even if it looks dumb or seems to be a very random thing. There is always a solution. Look at me, I wrote about my problem of not having a single clue what I should write about and ended up with this. But don’t worry, next month the article will be more enjoyable.

To finish this article well, I will leave the tips shared by content creators if a creative block happens to you too:

  • Get out of the routine – try to do something new.
  • Get inspired by other people – one of the best ways to get new ideas.
  • Write some random words that come to your mind and pick one topic.
  • Watch/listen to something new or that you like to get inspired.

José Rodrigues

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