Future of our earth

What’s happening to our planet? Every day, each person consumes natural resources and impacts what will happen to our earth. It affects people already. This year alone, there have been considerable floods in Pakistan, killing over a thousand people, and colossal heat waves in China and Europe, killing people. Some islands, even countries like Kiribati and Tuvalu, will not exist for long because of rising sea levels. I’m pretty sure that the weather has changed a lot in the last ten years, at least in my eyes. Less snow, more heat waves, and more natural catastrophes. If we keep this same way of consuming, is there left livable earth for people in 1000 years?

I would say yes, but it’s easier said than done. Everyone can participate at some level, some less and some more, because of the conditions and possibilities provided. Most of the time, it has become easier and kind of routine to take all ways trash with me, sort out the trash, etc. One of my favorite ways to consume less is to buy fewer things you don’t need. You save nature, money, and space from home. You know that feeling for sure when you have bought something you thought you needed and use every day, but after one month, it stays in the closet until you clean the whole apartment. That’s frustrating, money waste and natural resource waste. Please, think a few times before you buy something. You can start with even small things, such as taking trash with you instead of leaving them in the park and turning off electronics and lamps when you don’t use them.

Sure, very few can be totally carbon neutral, but we all can still affect how we act. You have probably heard “Big pile of money comes from small rivers,” it works in this kind of same way “It’s only one piece of trash, of course, I can throw it into nature, it doesn’t matter” but when there are millions of people daily doing the same thing, yes, it matters.

This is a short but important message. Think what kind of image you want to leave for the next generation about you. Leave them a chance to live their lives; don’t take it away from them.

Jasse Heikkila

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