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Објавуваме повици за ЕВС волонтери на веќе одобрени проекти во Естонија, подолу во текстот можете да ги најдете потребните информации. Едно слободно место за ЕВС волонтер од Македонија на проект со Nursery Hellik–во Талин, Естонија со времетраење од 10 месеци (09.2017 – 30.06.2019) Детали за проектот The main […]

Travel through soup

Yes, I know… writing an article about soup can seem strange. Even more from me because I’m not interested in cooking and not good at it. Not at all. Everything happens… But for a reason. Last summer, I was one month in Cyprus for EVS project, living with […]

You Just Have to Really Work Hard

The main focuses of the work of Craig Shaw are the Turkish investigations for and European Investigative Collaborations. His investigative stories are published in leading European media. His high profile investigations include the “Offshore Secrets”, “Malta Files”, Football Leaks”… His proficiencies are: political and corporate corruption, human […]

Finishing is Winning

To succeed requires certain steps one must take, and the time is now to start making a change. At the end of the day, one must do whatever it takes. So it is definitely a good start to the new year and it feels like great things are […]

Success requires sacrifice

  Let’s start with the hottest topic: Handball European Championship in Croatia and the performance of Macedonian national team. We had a great start and we finished 11th, why we did not manage to make it to the finals? Naumche Mojsovski: Yes, we had a good beginning, in […]

Vevcani Carnival

Like every place in Macedonia, Vevcani is rich in historical data and legends that to this day are told by the older inhabitants of this village. Traces from the settlement exist from the third century BC. Its first location was not Vevcani, it was located just below the […]

Voices March 2018

When YouTube celebrated ten years in 2015, it is less surprising that the most viewed video on this probably the most popular platform in the world is “Gangam Style” of the South Korean sensation Psy. A little known to the European and American continent, now the 41-year-old planetary […]

An open letter to drugs

Dear Drugs, It has been a while since our last exchanges. It is rather obvious that for the past decades our relationship was quite tumultuous, to say the least. I could argue for hours and hours about the intricacies, causes and effects of my current behavior towards you. […]