Do you believe in heaven on earth? Then you should come visit the White Heaven in Miravci. Miravci is a small village in the Gevgelija region, located near the mountain Kozuf. With a small population of 2900 people, the village is able to maintain its peacefulness and lush green terrain.


There are a lot of legends about this small village regarding the name and tradition. Some say that the name of the village came to be because of an ant infestation that happened back in the day. Others say that the name of Miravci and the villages nearby came after five brothers that moved to the area: Miro, David, Peter, Gabriel and Mile and founded the five villages: Miravci, Davidovo, Petrovo, Gabrovo and Miletkovo. There is also the Gjura Mara festival held on the third day of Easter. The festival was created to celebrate the legend of a young girl named Mara that was kidnapped by a Turkish pasha for his harem, and for her brother’s bravery for trying to rescue her. The older women of the village gather around a young girl that portrays Mara and dance in a circle performing the traditional Gjura Mara Oro. Meanwhile the young men of the village try to break into the circle and steal the girl. As soon as one of the men gets near the circle, the older women chase him away with sticks.


But the traditional treasures aren’t the only things that make this village rich. If you are looking for a place to enjoy nature and have fun then you should visit the White Heaven that is located near the village. The rocky terrain of the Old River that goes through the White Heaven is an amazing view. A lot of social events like motorcycle gatherings take part there too. But the main reason the younger population visit this little village is the trance culture. Every summer, 3 or more trance raves are held at the White Heaven and people from all over Macedonia gather to enjoy the music and have fun. The fields above the Old River make a great camping sight so a lot of people gather few days before the party starts to set up tents to enjoy the natural beauty of the White Heaven.

Miravci is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. I highly recommend anyone to visit it.


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