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New public space in Skopje is opened. Its name is simply “Public Room”. Even before it was opened I used to wonder around it and admire its location and unusual facade.It is not a secret that most of the public spaces and cultural institutions in Skopje spread non-confidentiality and discord. This is not case with “Public room”.About this and many other things regarding this place I spoke with its manager in charge Tamara Georgievska.

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            She told me that this used to be a horse-stable, which is old some 70 years. 35 years after it was build it was undertook by the army and transformed into a military-store. A part of their growingteam is a design manager, a product designer, a graphic designer… The conceiving and the concept of the space emerged from the detected problems of the design & culture artisans and from all of those that wanted to spend some quality time throughout creating new things and networking. In their team they have people that are educated abroad(for which I can say is very obvious in a positive sense). Tamara also told me that achieving all the necessary documents and permissions took a lot of their time, but they tried to focus on their goal instead, their idea and the as much as possible quality realization of both: the goal and the idea. The staff from “Public Room” also tried to avoid the mistakes that other institutions of this sort did in Macedonia, such as limiting on the age-group-basis. So the visitors here are of all age groups which is achieved through the program they create; while the different age groups in their team enrich them with diverseexperiences, diverse capacities and as group do make them more prepared to fulfill the challenges which they face every day while working.


            Aside the activities they already did – such as art-exhibitions, fashion-shows, workshops – theysoon plan to orient themselves towards a different kind of art: the art of culinary; first with the food they offer in their space, than with the culinary workshops and the exercises with food design in their “Slava Room” and finally through the Institute of Culinary Specialties that they are preparing to launch in theloft of this new home of theirs.


            They also have had experience with volunteering. For e.g. “Public Room” is organizer of the festival “Skopje Design Week” that every year cooperates with volunteers that help everything goes by the plan. Through their own organization and through other organizationsthey could notice that in Macedonia exists the culture for volunteering. They are not quite sure what are the standards for this, but they think this can be improved only through examples that show how much for the young people these sorts of experiences are meaningful.

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