Challenging Youth trough Youth Work !


From 20th till 27th of April 2016, we implemented the 4th module of our Capacity Building project “Challenging Youth trough Youth Work!”

, in the framework of the Erasmus Plus Programme, supported by the European Commission.  After the three implemented modules, training courses for 20 youth leaders/workers from Kyrgyzstan, on which they developed skills in the areas of PCM, conflict management, recycling and ecology, advocacy and lobbying, non-formal education methods, working with groups, principles and values of youth work, youth policies, research in the community and etc., it was time to organize the 4th module, or first of the two planned Study visits, this time in Romania. The hosting place of the study visit was Arad, Romania.

During the seven days of study visit, the youth leaders/workers had the opportunity to visit youth centers, to speak with representatives of youth organizations, to visit local municipalities and its representatives, to debate with youth clubs of political parties and many other important stakeholders, active and connected with the youth sphere in Romania. In the last days of the study visit, the youth leaders/workers from Kyrgyzstan were developing ideas for future projects, in the framework of the Erasmus Plus Programme.


We must emphasize that the objectives set for this Module 4, as part of our project “Challenging Youth trough Youth Work!” were reached in full. With the implementation of this module, we are one step closer toward the main aim of our common project- creation of basis for future development of youth work and development of youth policies in Kyrgyzstan.

As well, we are announcing the next two modules, which will be implemented in July in Macedonia (also a study visit) and in September in Kyrgyzstan seminar with closing conference, on which we will present the implemented activities and achieved results, achieved through the six modules of our project. We are also thankful to our partner organizations, YHRG from Bishkek and Ofensiva Tinerilor from Arad, for their help, cooperation and assistance in the preparation and implementation of all project activities…

Looking forward to the next module in Macedonia…


By Gjoko Vukanovski

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